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Finding solace in the intersecting spaces between genre and cultural influences alike, Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter OWO has been developing her vibrant and emotive artistry since she was a young girl growing up in Maryland. As a first-generation immigrant, born to Nigerian parents with roots in the Bahia region of Brazil, OWO experiences and embraces a duality between her African ancestry and American upbringing which is found in her music today. The encouragement to further express herself creatively only strengthened over time, inspiring OWO to find ways to merge her multifarious musical palate into her own distinctive sound, which she later dubbed as Afro-Electro-R&B.


With a reignited focus to go all in with pursuing her artistry, OWO began writing and co-producing her own music, as well as found herself at home on the stage as a performer. In 2017, she released her Drums and Emotions EP, a 6-track offering that introduces her ability to navigate between African dance rhythms, R&B harmonies, hints of electronic music and powerful rock vocals reminiscent of the 1970s. Currently, OWO can be found happily working on her debut project, where she aims to continue building on themes of fearlessness, strength, vulnerability, love and culture. OWO is well on her way to fulfilling her destiny as a powerhouse performer, fueled by ambition and guided by spirits past and present. 


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